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File locking/checkout and versioning

Status: Waiting for Votes

Waiting for Votes

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I'd like to see users be able to check files out for exclusive editing. I'd also like to see a basic versioning system.


  • In our environment people access their files either by filr or via nss, there is no mutual exclusion,
    therfor  I support e-ebell2's opinion (opinion? Or rather a basic requirement for a collaboration platform?). A locking mechanism would not be a nice idea to have but a necessary mechanism to prevent data loss. The lack of it and its consequences is pouring gas on the Nov***/MF haters fire. This is especially true if users who lost their files gain knowledge that the "feature" request is about seven years old. IMHO people should be at least warned of this beaviour, not only by their admins but also through the filr documentation.

  • Just some thoughts about versioning (I already voted for this idea) for the case when files laying in the Net Folder: - there is a lot of well-known tools/utilities to keep track of difference between files - we can use it to get incremental/decremental portion of a new file ("what has changed") and save this delta somewhere in NF (in a hidden place, for instance, where users can't get access to) - also we can keep tracking these deltas in DB to make it possible to compare changes and build any verstion of the file As a result we will have better usage of a disk space in storage (much better than in Vibe which keeps whole files, not deltas) and get versioning for Filr for data stored in a Net Folder.
  • For files stored on Filr server, versioning is needed. For OES, Salvage is just ok for the need. For Windows... we don't have Windows+Filr customers...
  • Understood but integration with the versioning capabilities of SMB and salvage capabilities of NCP might be a good start.
  • Mark, All the files in Vibe stay in Vibe's belly. But in Filr: we can connect different storage system (Windows, OES, Sharepoint, NAS boxes, NFS mounts and Filr internal storage) and thus the implementation of checkout and versioning will be more complex.