Idea ID: 2786022

Filr Desktop Client for external users

Status: Delivered
The idea results from a ticket, because in our opinion the functionality was there with the Filr 3 , but after upgrading to version 4 was no longer possible.
As far as we can see it is not described anywhere that it does not work or is not supported for external users. No documentation about this. External users are also shown the message that they can download the client.

If you display/do the setting for the desktop client so that you can download and use it, it will be visible to everyone, you can't tell which users you are offering the desktop client to. If it is not supported, it should not be displayed for external users.
  • Looks like this is working now in 4.2

  • I have tested this with 4.2 Desktop and an external user

    I can access files and folders that have been shared with me.  If I have write access and changes I make to a file are uploaded to the server.  If I have contributor rights I can add a file to a folder.  I can use online edit to edit documents.

    This looks like it is working now.

  • After updating somne Filr 4.1 to Filr 4.1.1 i see now files as external user, but i cannot add files and folders, but i can do that in web client. I need to do further tests. but can somebody confirm, that with Filr 4.1.1 external users can now see files and folders and edit files, but cannot add new files and folders in Desktop client, but in web client? Thanks Thomas
  • Filr 4.1.1 has been released, fixing this bug. I didn't test it yet, but this issue is part of the fix list: "Client 4.1 does not support external users (Bug 1158544)" HTH Cheers Erik
  • This is not just an idea (or enhancement request). Since this used to work in all Filr versions before and customers are using Desktop Clients with external users in production this is definitely a regression/defect and therefore a bug. We did some testing and it seems that some REST calls do not work anymore for external users. Please everyone, do some testing using the Desktop Client, the Mobile app and the new Filr UI. We let our customers open an SR and encourage everyone to do so, too!