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linux desktop client

Status: Delivered
a desktop client for linux, SLED 12 would be a good start, but platform independent would be better
  • We had this working with Ubuntu 16.04, but no work has been done on keeping this working with current LTS from Ubuntu.

    It shouldn't be that hard to make this work with current Ubuntu versions.

    For those wanting a updated version please vote here - Ubuntu (20.04. / 18.04. ) Filr Client

    If nothing is going to happen then how about releasing the source so the community can take it over and maintain going forward.

  • Maybe PM can team with Nextcloud and their effort to get Gnome and KDE to support Files On Demand in these GUI's. Nextcoud delivered their 3.2 client with Files On Demand this week, which works on Linux too but there is no explorer "plugin" yet that can support FOD as these GUI's seem to (I guess) miss the needed hooks. This could benefit Filr Client for Linux too in supporting FOD.

    Maybe Filr client for Linux could even leverage the Nextcloud sync engine with build in FOD as the Filr client for Linux does not support this today.

    Taken from their community manager blogpost "For Linux, we are talking to the biggest desktop teams (GNOME and KDE) about a way to make their file managers aware of the virtual files and show appropriate metadata."


  • I just have contact to one of the Microfocus Team 3 Months ago and he was really surprised that somebody have another version than Ubuntu 16 that was officially supported and not mentioned to turn the calendar to 2021.As you see with Groupwise. Microfocus is a Company that is oriented to deliver Software for Microsoft Windows. Does they have Linux OS on there Computers?




  • Hell all. Ended up here looking for someone who has also tried to run filr desktop client with  a recent Linux Mint (Cinnamon) desktop. Does not run but is it or  will it be supported?  Thanks for sharing ideas.

  • Whay you abadon Flirt Linux Client?