Filr 4.3 is released!


We are pleased to announce that Filr 4.3 is released and now available for our customers via Filr update channels.

Along with Filr 4.3, we have also released an update on Content Editor Appliance (Content Editor Appliance 1.2.2) which is available via respective online update channel.

Key highlights of this release include:

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integration
    • Support for Common Event Format (CEF) standard ensures that customers can plug-in Filr to existing standard SIEM solutions that support CEF. This makes Filr 4.3 more secure.
  • Micro Focus Desktop Containers (MFDC) Integration
    • Filr integration with MFDC enables the MFDC users to store their data in Filr. 
  • Incremental updates in Content Editor appliance
    • LibreOffice Draw support
    • ODF file format 1.3 support
    • Pivot tables support
  • Filr Web Client Updates
    • Adding new languages to default locale list
    • Hide and Unhide Files
    • View all users with access to a share
    • Permalink support
    • Adding a list of recipients while sharing
    • Rendering Image/Media files when accessed via Public Share Links
  • Platform updates
  • Customer Ideas/ Enhancements
    • Default Protocol when Net Folder Server created with Server Type MF OES changed to OES CIFS
    • Quicker tomcat startup
    • Reduced CPU utilization in search nodes while accessing recent activity list
    • Reduced CPU Utilization for User Activity report
    • Allow Shares to Never Expire provides better control for Filr administrator over expiry settings
  • Tech Preview of Desktop Client for Apple Silicon

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