Filr 23.3 is released!!


Filr 23.3 is released and now available for our Filr Advanced and Standard customers. Along with Filr 23.3, Content Editor 23.3 (Filr Advanced customers Only) is also available for our customers via respective online update channels.


Filr 23.3: (Available to Filr Standard and Advanced customers via online update channel)

Content Editor 23.3: (Available to Filr Advanced customers via online update channel)


Documentation Link:



  • Support for Active Directory multi-forest              
  • Support password-protected document online editing

Highlights of other issues fixed across the appliances:

  • User can't login into Filr web UI due to stale cookies (AAF) (OCTCR52A648006)
  • "The auto-update URL is not valid" when saving "Deploy files accessed via a URL to another location." (OCTCR52A620147)
  • User prompted for entering password post logout (AAF) (OCTCR52A622186)
  • Provide configuration to suppress AA chain at Filr user login on a per Filr node basis. (OCTCR52A738080)
  • Filr web client drag file into folder initiates upload screen (OCTCR52A678031)
  • Disabling large users in Filr does not kick start and gets hung (OCTCR52A626084)

We have also released bi-monthly SLES OS updates in respective appliance OS channels for Filr/Search 5.#, Content Editor 2.# and PostgreSQL 2.# appliances.



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