Exploring the GroupWise 18 Client: Integrations with TeamWorks and Filr


The new GroupWise 18 desktop client also features some new integration with other Micro Focus products-- namely GroupWise TeamWorks and Micro Focus Filr.

GroupWise TeamWorks Integration

The GroupWise 18 desktop client also supports integration with GroupWise TeamWorks—an exclusive component of Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging.  GroupWise TeamWorks provides for chat-based, collaborative conversations that are topic and team driven.  The integration of GroupWise TeamWorks is not on by default in the GroupWise 18 client.  The email administrator must turn this feature on in the back-end and enter in the web address of the TeamWorks server for this function to be available in the client itself.

For those familiar with TeamWorks—there are mobile apps and web access available.  However, many have asked why there is not a “desktop client” available for TeamWorks.  The answer is simple: your GroupWise 18 desktop client is it.  This is done intentionally because GroupWise TeamWorks is designed to work with email, not against it.  By being able to access both your email and your chat-based collaborative conversations in a single client—GroupWise 18 becomes the hub for digital workspace productivity in your organization.

Once enabled by the email administrator using Enterprise Messaging—the ability to access and interact with TeamWorks will appear in the desktop client.  Users will need to log into TeamWorks to see the rooms they’ve joined in the folder.

 GroupWise TeamWorks integration with the GroupWise 18 client.

Filr Integration Enhancements

While not exclusively new to the GroupWise 18 desktop client—the use of Filr as an option to store attachments was introduced in GroupWise 2014 R2 SP2.  This integration lets you store attachments in Filr and use GroupWise to send links to those attachments. New to GroupWise 18 is the ability to send public links. This means you can share attachments with users that don't have a Filr account or guest Filr account. And they can see and share the attachment with other people too.

 GroupWise 18 Client allows for Filr Public Links


While many users may bit a bit surprised at the new options and default settings of the GroupWise 18 client, it really is a great step forward in both usability and convenience.  Both new and long-time GroupWise users should visit the “Welcome” tab that’s available in the GroupWise 18 client too.  It shows some of these enhancements and helps them understand and use many of the new features.  GroupWise 18 and Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging are a welcome addition and demonstrate a strong commitment to both improving and evolving this tried-and-true enterprise collaboration platform.

 The Welcome Screen can help users explore new features.


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