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GMS18 - Device State -- Never Connected --

HI All,

OK my new gms18 sever .... ALL LOOKS perfect, dsapp is happy with every little thing ... i have tried secure 443 and port 80 for the devices, nothing else on server is listening on port 443 or port 80 .. is the same for both . for internal testing (awaiting for firewall guys to open from public), i setup my local laptop (done this before aswell before i go production with the server) to test in the meantime.

1. I can setup the account ( with MS mail app (yes gms is set to allow ALL apps, including outlook and outlook mobile , it authenticates 100% , and says it is going to fetch my mail... but nothing ever reaches the account .. on the mobile server side .. it still says no devices ever connected yet i have autheticated with the device ..shouldn’t that already register as "device connected" ?..(only me and my other 2 admin added as users for now to test).

2. i have re-installed now about 3 of 4 times .. nothing?...

3. I did changed the name of the server but re-inslled about 3 x tmes after that .. and the name in hosts = lfsx14 and in hostname = anywhere else it need to be changed?..maybe this is the issue something on the name of the server?.

Kind Regards,

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