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Customize New Email Window Globally


We run GW2014. In GW2012 the attach file was on the top. The new client shows "add attachment" at the bottom. Some users don't see it. Is there a way to move it up? Or, any way to customize the top bar to include the "attach file" button to all users on the top bar? And also, the same applies to the Format Bar in new emails. The formatting bar appears at the bottom. How do I get it up to the top bar? Thank you.


Some settings could be set via roaming profile, I but I can't find these to to be set there.


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  • Hi Herbert

    Here's the documentation on what is new in the GroupWise 2014 client:

    Having said this, ultimately this comes down to a user training issue. When ever we roll out a new version of the client, before it hits the users computers, we do road-shows across all departments - 1 hour sessions going through the new look and feel, new features, as well as a refresher on things that users normally get wrong like making changes to an appointment. I implemented these road-shows 10 years ago when I started with my current employer. Since taking the time and effort doing this we've had nearly zero backlash against changes in the client. Change management needs to include user education.

    Just my two cents worth.

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