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Subject being truncated

I have had a couple users report subjects in emails they send are being truncated to 2 or 3 characters through webaccess. Anyone seen this behavior ? Gw2012 sp2 on oes11sp1.

The one I checked seemed to be sending to a user created group when it was truncated, but I can't tell for sure if this is related.
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  • laurabuckley;2284255 wrote:

    Yes, this has been reported before. I can't remember offhand what the fix/cause of it was. Let me see what I can find for you.....


    Did you have any information on this ? Thanks.
  • Hi Deborah,

    Sorry for my late response. I did find the earlier thread in this forum where this issue was reported. There was no solid conclusion to that discussion.

    I was unable to duplicate it with SP2 - which you are already running! I strongly recommend that you open an SR with Novell, perhaps they have newer code for you to correct this issue.

    Please do let us know how this works out for you, SR number, etc so that we may continue to be of assistance.