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Account options - Refresh address books / rules range

Hi Forum,

sometime I get (annoying) calls that there are old users on distribution lists which are already deleted. They get an error message if they send mails to that list...
So far I could always resolve that issue by simply refresh the system groupwise address book manually.

My question now is how I could reduce the mentioned refresh range in the account options to 1 day e.g. via C1 or some other way (default is 7).

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)

  • Are these remote users or online users? If they are remote, there is an option to select the frequency the address book is updated when they email is synchronized. With my online users I never had to refresh the GW address book manually, their problem is always that they have the old address in their frequent contacts, with some minor difference, and they have to delete the entry manually.
  • Hi Pascal,

    Firstly double-check that nightly user upkeep is running on your post offices. This process removes deleted accounts from personal address books.

    As far as changing the setting for a caching/remote mailbox to download address books every 1 day instead of the default of 7 days - I never found a way to automate this. We manage this manually. Fortunately for us, we the IT people, setup the caching mailbox for each user, so the process of changing this setting to 1 day is well documented.

    Perhaps there's a registry key - but I'm not sure.

  • Hi lanaleon,

    jep, they are remote users, in fact they all use caching mode. I know that setting to update rules and address books. I'm just searching for a way to reduce the default value automatically.

    @Laura: Thanks for the hint with the registry, I'll let our windows admins search for that :)