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GMS 18.4.1 Build 951 Groupwise Group configuration - access control

I'm building a new mobility server on SLES 15 SP4. 
I have it connected to a GroupWise Group, visiblity is system, and it loaded users. I also changed access control of people who can modify this group, and added administrators to give them this functionality, tested it etc, All seems to be working.

I then made some changes to this group in the GW admin console (ie access control - added users to people who can send to this group) and again only added administrators who are allowed to send to this group (so to prevent the entire organization from being able to send to this group..)

However, after I made this change and changed some notification settings on GMS, restarted GMS - the users disappeared.

I removed the users from access control - people who can send to this group - and restarted gms - and the users came back.

Is this as designed? We cannot change the access control of who can send to the group for mobility to read it?

  • This was fixed in the last GMS builds. When there was a need to rebuild local GAL at GMS site, it was deleting and polling users into that GAL which lead into users were deleted from GMS. This polling does not happen anymore when GAL needs a rebuild.

    You will need same later build like 922 (402259-groupwise-mobility-service-18.4.1-x86_64-922.iso).

  • In the Customer Portal can be found Build 928 for gms 18.4.1, the latent avalaible version ist Build 931 becoming over support portal!

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