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Strange error with Notification list

GroupWise 18.3.1 Build:137846

One user reported an error where she was trying to add an account to the Notification List in Security Options>Notify.

However the when she added a particular account, the wrong account appears in the list.

When she tried again. The same 'wrong' account appeared again. Now this 'wrong' account is in the list 4 times.

When she tried to remove this account, it won't work. It will just re-appear next time you click into the setting.

The user's own name also appears twice on the list. Normally it's suppose to be just the once.


The user uses GroupWise client 18.0.2.

I tested this on GW Client 18.3.1 and 14.2.3 on a different PC and it's the same behavior.

I tried an Analyze/Fix Database on this account but it didn't make any difference.

Please suggest solution.