How to clear Last Client Version


I would like to force out a minimum client version on the PO. Before this I would like to collect data from GroupWise about the existing client versions. Unfortunately the Last Client Version stored in GW is not always relevant. Let me explain it. There are users, who only use GW Web or IMAP. But when a user receives its mailbox, a local IT admin logs in with Windows client to see if the mailbox works properly. GW stores this information and years later it displays that the Last Client Version is for example 18.0. Which is correct, but in this case it is misleading, because this mailbox is used only with GW Web or IMAP. I cannot use this information to create a statistics about existing clients. Of course I could check the Last Client Type too and if it displays "Limited", than I could remove this mailbox from the stats, but what if the user does have a client installed and only checked its mailbox from home via GW Web. If I could clear the Last Client Type and create the statistics a few weeks later, than this would make the statistics more accurate. So is there a way to clear the Last Client Version, Last Client Type, Last Client Build Date, Last Client Build Number attributes in GW admin console? I've checked the REST API for GW, but it only has a GET method for this data, no PUT or DELETE. I do have ZCM installed on most of the workstations, but not on all of them, because of firewalls.



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  • I've downloaded the script that Manoj of NDS8 wrote. It works for SOAP, because HTML code of the /dsoaps url contains one entry per line, where it is possible to use awk to extract the fields. One line contains one entry with all the information, username, ip address, etc. Unfortunately the HTML code of the /conn url looks different. One entry consists of about 40 lines. It could be possible to use awk, but it is a pain in the neck and not worth doing it. I don't have the skills to do this. At this point I give up and will use the partial data from ZCM. I tried multiple approaches to get up to date client informations from GW, but the circumstances are against me.

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