2 gwpoa running in the same server with just 1 PO - GW24.1 on OES2018-3

We are having hgh cpu utilization and I could see tat are two gwpoa running with deifferent PID´s

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    as per David, two instances is normal.

    as for high CPU, there are a number of things that it could be that I've seen

    - Tight on memory, so it is busy swapping out all the time.  GroupWise really benefits by having sufficient memory to cache the active database files.  I watch the swap levels, and if swap is being fully consumed, it likely benefits from adding memory to this system.  If it takes a few weeks to use it up without the high cpu, then we can play with swappiness some.   Details assuming on SLES/OES based on the PID reference, but version would still be a good reference here. 

    - Drive access issues. I've seen where an over busy SAN (DR replication issue) can show as high CPU.  Make sure your storage system is healthy, and that you generally have over 10% free on all mount points.

    - GWChecks (schedule or not GW maintenance) can really push a system. You can see if any are running on the POA http status page, and I have my recommended GW practices page you can check out as well.  After the above-mentioned SAN issues, the bigger GWChecks (Full Contents Analyze/Fix) would run way longer than their normal weekend runs.


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  • Shame on me, very important things to check.
    I will check those things out and reply here
    Thank you so much

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