Groupwise Client in Caching mode sometimes stops refreshing Mailbox


This is an old, ongoing problem that seemingly comes and goes over various versions, and I'm unable to find the culprit, so I though I'll ask here.

I'm running Groupwise in Caching Mode 99% of the time, as I'm exclusively working on laptops.
Every once in a while, the Groupwise Client will suddenly start to no longer refresh the Mailbox when new mails arrive. It's not about syncing the caching mailbox, it does that just fine.
What it does not in this state, is to ever show new mails in the mailbox on it's own, not even after hours, and after receiving dozens of new mails.

To refresh the view of the Mailbox, I can either switch to a different Folder, and back, or hit F5 manually.

This behaviour survives restarting the groupwise client, and also rebootig the whole machine. It also exists on various different machines. Yet again, it usually just goes away on it's own, often after a few days of it driving me nuts, and suddenly it's gone again.

Anybody else seeign this, and maybe even knows what possibly causes it?

  • This sounds like a UDP slap issue from POA to client, you might give the option we have since 18.5 (build 143725 or later) a go as this will do this over TCP instead of UDP

    So in the POA startup file add --tcpSlapOnly and restart the POA

  • Hi Rob.
    Thanks for your answer, but that's not it. As you can see, I'm running in caching mode, and the caching mailbox *does* update just perfectly fine (and POA slaps don't exist in caching mode to boot). It's *exclusively* the view of the mailbox in the client which does not refresh after the client downloads new mails into the caching mailbox.

  • I've seen this happen particularly on the laptop of my resident trouble-user (you know the one, to whom the most bizarre and never-before seen computer calamities occur on a near-daily basis), but I've also had it happen on my own laptop on occasion.  However I don't recall it ever surviving restarting the groupwise client though and certainly not surviving restarting the computer.  The symptoms are the same though - the inbox only updates if the user switches to a different folder or calendar and back, or by hitting F5.  I've no idea what causes it.

  • Thanks. At least I don't feel so alone. :)

  • The caching mailbox problem I did not encounter, but what I see from time to time is, that the Groupwise client remains in an undesired state across restarts of the client and across restarts of machines. E.g. last week one of our users managed it, to issue a search, which lead to a completely unresponsive client. Restarting the client did not help as well as restarting the machine several times. As her colleague was out of office for one week, she went to the machine of her colleague to use Groupwise and let the client run for hours without any response from the client. The only way to get the client into a working state back again, was to login to the Groupwise client as another user (but under her Windows account) and afterwards she could login with her Groupwise account and the client worked without issues.

    That is an extreme example, but what I see sometimes even on online mailboxes is, that the Trash folder does not update after the deletion of mails. You do not see the latest deleted mail, if you for instance deleted a mail accidentally and want to undelete it. You can sit there forever to wait for the deleted mail to appear, if you do not refresh the Trash or use Find to search for the deleted mail it will simply not appear.