GroupWise 18.5 MTA Crash Won't Start Backup Up

Running GroupWise 18.5 on OES 2018 SP3

All GroupWise components running on the same server. (MTA, POA, GWIA)

MTA started closing and would then recover, then close again randomly throughout the day

Eventually the gwadminservcice stopped responding and after restarting the adminservice, the admin console login would load as if entering the gui interface to create a new GroupWise system or update an existing.

Decided to restart all the GroupWise Serviced, rcgrpwise restart

At that point, the Post Office would load but the MTA would fail with an exit code 7

Running gwadminutil dbinfo against the wpdomain.db file would return a Error (C03F): Opened a file that was not a FLAIM file

I recovered the wpdomain.db from the previous days backup to a temp directory and ran the same gwadminutil dbinfo against that db file and the return was normal

I believe I have a corrupt wpdomain.db file

My question is what are the implications or impact of bringing the MTA up from the previous days backup wpdomain.db file?

I do have a case open on this issue, unfortunately we are not gaining much forward progress with support. My mail system has been down for roughtly 14 hours and we are reaching normal business hours soon so I'm posting in the community hoping for some light on restoring the wpdomain.db

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.