Tip: If you miss Groupwise WebAccess, don't worry

You have a new GroupWise Version like 23.x or 24.x and you miss functions in GWWEB, WebAcces has, you can still have WebAcces.

Best if you have your Servers  are virtuell on ESXi or PROXMOX etc.

You need GW18.2.0, you can get from SLD and SLES15 SP 3, you can get from SUSE SCC.

Create a new VM, 24GiB HD 4-8  GiB RAM, and install SLES15 SP3, slect at least Gnome Desktop, Python 2 and WEB and Scripting, I select Legacy too.

If it is installed, install GW18.2 and add a new domain to your system. Thats not needed but I like to have a secondary domain as replica if the primary fails.

type the following lines


zypper in python2-rpm
zypper in python-xml

then start the groupwise installation and install webaccess, and the configure webacces, you need the ip of your postoffice and the SOAP port

if it is uinstalled an configured you can access you mails with https;//<your servers IP or FDQN>/gw/webacces

now you can upgrade your server

first deactivate Python 2 with

SUSEConnect -d -p sle-module-python2/15.3/x86_64

zypper patch
zypper migration

I recommend to upgrade first to SP4 and then to SP5, I had problems upgrading to direct to SP5

if you have installed a GroupWise domain or more, you now can now upgrade this server to your current GW version.

GroupWise WebAccess will still be  running.

This server is a good plaace for GWWEB too, but than you will install more RAM 

I hope that would be helpfull