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Recipients lined up alphabetically when reply to all

GW 2014 SP2 (and earlier). How is possible on TO (and CC and BCC) row to keep addresses in order they entered by sender? I mean, by default when I choose to reply to all these addresses is (re)ordered alphabetically and address from who I get message ... not the first one, usually it should be. Probably there is some setting for this? I hope. Anyway, I think by default addresses should appear in order as sender set these, meaning, when replying – first one is sender address and other addresses appear in order as sender set.
More thanks, Alar.


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  • On Thu, 05 May 2016 08:26:02 GMT, NovAlf
    <> wrote:

    >Hi and thanks!
    >Well, but don't You agree ... this is a bad design. We may argue should
    >this kind of behavior be by default or not, but it should be at least
    >settable. Don't You think!? ... Yeah, I know ...
    >This kind of little ... thing should be done/fixed by a ... first (next)
    >update/upgrade to follow ?we want the GW to be very best, don't we!?
    >More thanks, Alar.

    I would disagree. I think this is good design. Granted, I rarely
    look at the list, but I would want to see them alphabetically so I
    could find a specific person faster. If you want to request it as a
    settable option, I wouldn't argue that point, but I can't see this
    being an issue for most people.

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