gw web on oes

Hi All,

We have groupwise 18.2.1 installed on OES-18-Sp1 server. Everything all good, now trying to get the new GW WEB running on the same server which is also running Webaccess.

I'm using the Microfocus download "gw18.2.0-135318-we_docker_mulit.tar.gz" used the following command;

docker run -d --rm -v /opt/novell/gw:/etc/nginx/gw --name gwweb -e -e DNS_SERVER=<my DN-SERVER> -p 86:80 -p 6443:443 mfgroupwise/web:18.2.0-135318

I have to use a different port since it was complaining about port was already in use so I used the above and the command seems to work fine.(no error)

However the new GW web does not work, it always loads the Webaccess login page not the new GW Web.

Am I doing something wrong?