Secondary Post Office & SDD

WTF?!? Can you please remove the need to have a SDD to create new post offices??? Please?! It is a real pain in the ass when we are trying to setup secondary Post Office at remote locations, especially in clusters... PLEASE CHANGE THIS! Thank you!

Now to my question, how can I create a Post Office that does not have access to a SDD and will not have access to one and please don't tell me that I need to set one up because at remote locations over WAN lines it'll will be a nightmare and cost the customer a fortune and then the customer will not be happy and their mgmt is already *****ing about wanting to migrate to Exch (can't even spell it out)? Actually, almost all of my customers do not have and do not want an sdd.... Now, I understand the idea behind an sdd and think it's a good concept, It's just not needed in most environments and in the environments where it is not needed and/or wanted then please make an alternative install method for po's...

Thanks for your assistance and time.

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  • Hi Laura,

    First off thank you, secondly that doesn't help. I already know how to do that, the idea is to save the customer the cost of having someone like me sit here and copy files to a remote location. I just tried to copy only the client directory to a "temp" sdd on the local cluster but that did not work. It seems as if I have no alternative unless I can manually copy the views to the new post office? Although, I'm quite sure that even if possible Novell wouldn't admit it because of the probability that most people would screw it up.... Like I've already stated, I'm just trying to save myself time and my customers money.

    Once again, thank you for your prompt reply and your assistance.