Calender Publishing stop working

GroupWise 2014 Calender Publishing has worked for years with no problems and now has stop working. When I go to /gwcal/calendar all I get is (The server or post office agent is no longer responding or has become disconnected. Contact your system administrator.). I have re-configure it re-installed it still no luck. Here is what the log file has.

9:54:29, <GWCAL>, -, INFO, -, Requesting list of POAs that publish calendars or freebusy. SSL

9:54:29, <GWCAL>, -, INFO, -, Failed to process SSL connection. Switching to non-SSL connection.

9:54:29, <GWCAL>, -, WARN, -, Error.Msg.Poa.Request.GetPoa.failed

Anyone run into this before?

Scott E. Malugin
CompTIA A Certified
CompTIA NetWork Certified
Dickson County Board of Education


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