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error in massages log from GWHA

GroupWise 2014 sp1
Running on OES 11Sp2
Getting error in the /var/log/messages repeating over and over. the error is gwha: pam_listfile(groupwise:auth): Refused user for service groupwise
I have check my config and it looks good and GWHA works if I or a agent stops it starts it back. Has anyone seen this error and know what I need to fix it?


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  • ochschr;2411419 wrote:
    did you ever discover what was causing this? I am experiencing on one server and it is showing my poa as unused even though it is running. I have verified my hauser and password creds are correct

    any info appreciated!

    Never did, my GWHA works just had the weird log messages I did not know if there might be a problem.