Setting the "size" column globally on GroupWise clients


I'm in the process of issuing out mailbox quotas (Trust me, it was long over due). I don't think you can but I figured I ask anyway for 2014 SP1. Can I set a custom column to show on everyone GroupWise client? I would like my GroupWise users to see the mail item size from their GroupWise view. I know that the user can view the mail size from the "Mailbox Storage Exceeded" when trying to reduce their mailbox size or set it in the "Mailbox > Properties > Display > More Display Settings >Edit Columns". I was hoping that there was a way to possible set this size column (or maybe other available columns) globally or on the post office level.



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  • Thanks Andy for this idea:
    GroupWise: create a 'find folder'. In GroupWise, select your Cabinet on the left panel
    - From the main GroupWise 8 . menu, File, New, Folder,(for GW7 and older menu, Edit, Folders, New,...)
    - Select 'Find results folder (Custom), and give it a name such as 'OverSized Messages' and position it in your Cabinet,
    - Just your name/mailbox should be checked and click on Advanced Find,
    - Set the first field to 'Size', set the next icon to '>' or '>=', enter 5000000 (that is approximately 5MB, the size email systems count as large, 25000000 or 25MB counts as huge), click OK, Next, Finish your way out
    In this new folder, right click on a column header to add in Size, and then click on the Size header to sort it such that you see the biggest at the top and check them out.

    I've implemented it, and it's so easy to find large mails now - cross folders and all.
    If you ad "From", "To" and "Size" as in the view, it's even easier to delete the right ones.

    Jens Jakob
    Dansk Centralbibliotek, Flensburg

    >>> Andy Konecny<> 14-08-2015 23:38 >>>

    In article <>, Rjrayburn

    > I would like my GroupWise users to see the mail item size from
    > their GroupWise view.

    I would vote for that.

    What I have been doing to help the users manage their space to help the
    users with the large mailboxes setup a search folder for the larger
    messages with it sorted by size, and that has helped a lot such that I
    wrote up the details and posted it

    Andy of in Toronto
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