GWIA class of service for other mail clients not working?


We are running a Groupwise 2014 R2 SP1 Server. To restrict the mail traffic we are using class of service in the GWIA.

We are using 2 class of service settings: "Default Class of Service" and "Internal"
The " Default Class of Service" allows everything and here are all users member of it.
The " Internal" contains only a few users, which are only allowed to send to 3 external mail domains and they can't receive any external emails.

These is working fine if the user is using a Groupwise mail client.

We also use for example Thunderbird or other mail clients to connect to the Groupwise Server GWIA (via IMAP and SMTP).
Here I found out that the restriction in "Internal" COS is not working.

Are the class of service not working if you are using a mail client that is connected via IMAP and SMTP?

I'm sure, that this worked with GroupWise 6.5 or 8
Was there a change in the functionality of GroupWise COS in the last versions?

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