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Howto create a GrpWise18 user with a specific File ID (FID)

I am looking to create a user account in Groupwise18 with a specific FID in order to upload mailbox archives into it. Would appreciate any useful help as needed.

PS: Do not have consoleOne installed with Groupwise18.

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  • On current code, if the FID matches, you don't need the archive's password. Generally it depends a little on when (i.e. with which client build) the archive has been touched. If it was a GW2014 or later build, the following would apply:

    - you can simply rename the archive path name and access the archive as someone else provided you know the password of the archive

    - if you create a user with the FID of the archive this user can access the archive without knowing the password. The user's name does NOT have to match, it's just about the FID.