Document Access for resource accounts

Anyone know if it is possible to create a shared folder in a resource account and import documents into it?
We want to have an admin account which would be used to hold forms, policies, etc. When its created under a user account and the user moves on we have to recreate the shared folders with documents etc. If it was a resource account we could just change ownership.


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  • Hello Danita,
    So would this be a simple properties change of the "Author"? Or some other attribute from Console One or something.

    dzanre;2310586 wrote:
    taphillips wrote:

    > Thanks for the reply. I suppose we would have to find a way to change
    > ownership of docs when a user moves on...

    That's easy enough to do. Easier if you remember to do it before you delete the
    user account (i.e., you can reassign all documents from user1 to user2). But if
    you forget there is a routine to run to assign all "orphaned" docs to a
    particular account as well.

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