Invalid Post Office when trying to create a new user GW2014

Update for 2012 to 2014 only seems to go ok !

I can login via client, Webacc and GWIA receivng emails

I have SR open for Directory Sync problems but I thought rest was good to go !

But, whilst I wait I need to Create a couple of new users who started today

When I try to create a new user I receive an error Invalid Post Office
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  • emm... iManage doesn't understand GW (isn't that why Consoleone was needed 2012 ?)

    so admin console

    Ok after a bit of "fiddling" around - I've managed to create users in Admin Console BUT these are NOT synced to eDir !
    (not something I'm comfortable with so negotiated shutdown to remove a RAID pair to play with on a spare box)

    added some additional MTA sync schedules (would be nice it was LIVE sync!)
    the new users DON'T have Network id - the existing ones do !