Changing Display Name?

Within GroupWise, whether that be the client or webaccess, is it possible for a client to rename their display name?


"James NoName <>" to "James and Jill <>"

I have a client receive an e-mail that was formed similarly that looks like it was generated within the GroupWise system and never routed outside via the GWIA. None of the normal headers are in place for that. Yet a single e-mail was renamed and I haven't figured out how they did it.




  • Hi Richard,

    Yes it is possible in the client. I haven't tried WebAccess.

    Open a new mail. Expand the From option next to the addressing fields. Type the display name to whatever you want it to be in the From field. The real display name, on the received mail, will be in brackets next to the edited display name. If you put a ton of spaces after the display name that was typed in then the real display name is "off the screen" and thus won't be seen by the recipient. If you open the properties of the mail the Created By field will have the correct details there.

    I've battled with this since forever in the GroupWise client and get told it's working as designed!

    On a humorous note I was presenting GroupWise Client training to room full of people. One of the delegates from an earlier session knew this display name editing thingy and during my presentation sent me a mail with an edited display name purporting to be from an Adult club confirming my membership.

  • Hello Laura Buckley,

    the solution you described will work only for one Mail.

    I administrate a GW2014 system in Germany. It's connected to eDirectory using LDAP. At work we have typical "german" characters like äöüß in our names.

    The problem:

    The user "Dr. Björn Müller" gets the mail address "", I change ö-->oe and ü-->ue, that's allright.

    But the display name in Mails should be "Dr. Björn Müller".

    If I change the first name and last name in LDAP, then Groupwise changes after synchronisation the mail address to the wrong value "Björn.Mü", I didn't want to change the mail address.

    In iManager I can change "full name" too, but this has no effect to "display name" in GW. The same "no effect" has changing the mailadress displayed in iManager.

    How can I correct this?





  • This option might work.  I have not tested to see what all the ramifications might be.  And it might be time consuming if you have a lot of users affected by this issue.

    If "Björn Müller" is entered in eDirectory as "Björn Müller", then that name should sync over correctly into GroupWise.  Then go to the Internet Addressing tab for that user, check Override under Preferred Address Format and enter "bjoern.mueller" for Preferred Email ID.

  • Hello,

    it seems to work well.

    Additionally I changed in "internet addressing":

    "zulässige Adressformate" (valid address format)

    "Vorrang" (priority ?)

    and disabled any option in this field to prevent GW from accepting the "äöüß" characters in user full/pre names.




  • Ok, something seems to go wrong.

    What I did:

    The user "Dr. Björn Müller" has the (correct) E-Mail-Address "" as described above. It worked, because I put him into eDirectory using first name "Bjoern" and last name "Mueller", and I choosed preferred email address format as "".

    Now I changed the eDirectoy in iManager entrys to Björn and Müller and sychronized in Groupwise Admin Console the user data. I went to the Internet Addressing tab, checked override under Preferred Address Format and entered "bjoern.mueller" for Preferred Email ID.

    Additionally I testet successfully "show email addresses" for every user.

    For some users erverything worked as expected.

    For other users (I did the same way) the email address changed for example to "Björn.Mü". When they try to send a mail, GW uses the wrong senders address (that can't be delivered).

    When I try to send a mail to this users they are shown with the wrong email address in my GW-client.

    Using GW-Adresbook the name ist displayed in the right way for some users and in the wrong format or others. For some users it differs between the GW-Client and GW Adressbook.

    The only place everything is ok is in GW admin console and in iManager.

    It seems, that the clients doesnt sychronize data right.

    Can you help me?