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Restore users address book

We are on GroupWise 2014 R2 running on SLES 11

One of our users received a new smartphone to upgrade an existing one. The old phone was sent a wipe command from the MDM server and it would appear that a sync with the datasync mail server had commenced deleting all the contacts.

Now the user has a nice new phone with no contacts.

Any ideas how to restore the contacts for just this user? we have a good full backup from 4 days ago which will do.




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  • Problem now is C05d error on the client and the user cannot access their email at all.

    I had left the old DB file in the user folder (albeit renamed) and this seems to have caused an issue. I've cut it out now and I am getting this C05D error.

    The original DB file is still in the user folder.

    Any thoughts or should I go down the route of an SR?