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Restore users address book

We are on GroupWise 2014 R2 running on SLES 11

One of our users received a new smartphone to upgrade an existing one. The old phone was sent a wipe command from the MDM server and it would appear that a sync with the datasync mail server had commenced deleting all the contacts.

Now the user has a nice new phone with no contacts.

Any ideas how to restore the contacts for just this user? we have a good full backup from 4 days ago which will do.




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  • ahennessy wrote on 07.03.2016 10:46:
    > Unfortunately the user now has a D107 error and is "missing" the emails
    > for the difference in the days between the two DB files ?

    You did replace the backup user.db with the previous "live" db, right?
    The backed up db should only be in the PO for the short time when you export the NAB.


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  • Hi UWE, I did alright,

    I went back in and had a look at the user.db files Both the old one and the correct one are there (oldone named userxxx_OLD.db) I don't know if this is causing an issue so I've scheduled a down of the POA to copy this out and leave the correct DB file there. They both have timestamps of today but the old one was renamed on Friday and I didn't think it would be accessed/modified once renamed.?

    I'm grasping at straws now as this is the head of IT mailbox and doesn't look too good.