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I need help understanding the Access Control settings.
I have 2014 SP1 installed on a SuSE 11 SP3, only one Post Office, Domain, and all agents are on this dedicated server.

I want to lock down incoming messages to specific internet IPs.
We have moved our email security to the cloud, thus the reason for this.
I have made the necessary changes to the DNS Server yesterday and I came in early this morning in hopes of finishing up.
In the GWIA Access Control settings for the Default Class of Service, under SMTP Incoming, I added the IPs that the vendor said we would use under the 'Allow messages from:'

Question: In adding the IPs can I use wildcards for this? For example, if an IP Range is:, is a valid entry?

I then selected 'Prevent incoming messages', clicked OK until I was all the way out of the gwia settings, then restart the gwia agent.
I sent a test message from my personal (hotmail) account and it was immediately rejected as undeliverable.
(Naturally, I went back in and selected 'Allow incoming messages' until I can get a successful test).

I'm thinking that it might be the wildcard that is not acceptable?
If not, then I don't know what else I need to do.

I saw TID 7006146 - Configure GWIA to only allow inbound SMTP traffic from a specific site.
Which shows: In the Exceptions, "Allow messages from" section , put in an entry of, *@*.*
However, I don't THINK it applies since it lists only GW versions 6 - 8.(?)

Many thanks!

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