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DBCopy backup off box challenges

Backstory: I've been struggling with a reliable GW Linux POA backup for
a bit now. We've had issues aligning backup software support with the
linux kernel versions/agent support, etc. Finally have settled on DBcopy
to move the files off POA, then out to tape for longer retention. The
thought being that once I have a file set, I can do whatever is needed
to meet our retention rules. Total data between the 3 Linux POAs is 650GB

I've worked up a dbcopy script, that meets our needs. Full, daily
changes, rsync, etc. I am happy with this.

Initially, I was sending the copy to a SMB mount on the windows backup
server, but it didn't work well. Backup jobs would hang, it was slow, etc.

Moved the copy destination to a Synology NAS NFS export, which is a
Linux variant. DBcopy/NFS/pure linux works well. Fast, reliable, no
issues. The problem is then pulling the millions of little files off the
Synology via SMB to the backup server (tape or disk) takes way too long.

My most recent attempt was to setup a Windows server and enable NFS
services for the destination. The problem is that DBcopy will not write
to the windows NFS export. There is no rights issue, files can be
created/edited/deleted without issue on the export, but DBcopy fails
with this error:

Error: Opening log file '' failed

My backup script puts the log file on the NFS Export, updates it, and
logs the DBcopy failure.

Internet search reveals this TID:

The problem is that the solution of that TID is the scenario that I have
experienced the error message in.

Has anyone else seen this? Anyone have any advice for a DBcopy
destination solution?

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