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Appointments duplicating when modified from Proxy access

Hi There,

once again I need your help with a strange one.

User A has access to user B mailbox via proxy with all rights. User A created a recurrent appointment from User B's mailbox with its proxy rights. Then User A edits only this instance of the appointment to change the duration then sends it. Instead of removing the original item it creates the new item updated and leave the original untouched. When User A wants to delete the original item there is no Delete option in the contextual menu. The workaround is for User A to close GroupWise Client > re-open it > go back to Proxy of User B and then the Delete option appears al well as other options that normally appear for any other appointments.

I tried to replicate this with a new recurrent appointment but it did not do it and was removing the updated appointment without leaving the original item...

User A advised that it happens since 2 weekend only. We haven't touched the GroupWise system and haven't performed any updates in general.

We saw that there is a new GW 2014.2.1 release that we might push in the coming month but we need to test before (last release had some search/filter delays which was a stopper for us).

Thank you in advance,

GroupWise Client 14.0.2 Build 120664 Online Mode