Empty PostOffice Calendar publisher bug

I have no reasonable way of reporting this to Novell, so I'm simply
posting this here in case anyone else comes across this problem. It's
been so long since I've ran into this I forgot all about how to work
around it, so hopefully this posting comes up for me the next time I
forget the problem and go searching for a fix. I've noticed this problem
ever since v8.0.0 and I'm currently running the latest 8.0.3 HP3. Quite
simply, if a post office has no users and the POA has calendar
publishing enabled the publisher agent will get hung up indefinitely and
will no longer serve requests. You can easily see what's happening by
watching /var/logs/tomcat6/catalina.out because it will show what Post
office it's trying to connect to for a list of users but since none show
up it just sits there. The fix is to either add a user to the post
office or disable calendar publishing on that specific poa.


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