Rebuild of Quickfinder-Index with error F041 for one user

GW8 POA 8.03 12-03-14 (on Windows)

This POA is used as dedicated Quickfinder-Index-Machine.

Background: One user found the search function in the client running well for old e-mails. The search result window shows them at once, but then stays running and takes nearly forever trying to find more recent e-mails. As the e-mails of this user are sorted in the cabinet by folders (... 2013, 2014 and 2015) focusing the search on one of these folders 2014 or 2015 works perfect again. Due to this the decision was made to delete and rebuild all quickfinder-indices.

After this run in the log-file following entry was found for a different user: "database function 87 reported error F041 on userxxx.db". After some reading in the forums this different user was treated from standalone-gwcheck with "structural rebuild" and "database analyze and fix", which both went trough without major problems. Afterwards the delete and rebuild of all quickfinder-indices was done again with the same outcome (function 87 and error F041).

The search-function for the user it all started with is still hampered, but much more important for me is this F041-error and how to get rid of it.

Any hints on the further procedure are highly welcome.