Does anybody use DSapp CUSO every couple of years?
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  • We ran this last week we had over 3 years of accounts users and devices that had gone through multiple iterations of upgrades. Our database was 59GB and vacuum clean-up were taking over 12h. The CUSO took about 1/2 hour and about 4 hours to populate. The device sync the next day was a little longer and there were a few calls, that putting device on WiFi resolved.

    We are glad we did it, just for a refresh and clean-up. The database is now down to 3.9GB. Have not run a vacuum to see performance, but I would assume it will be back to a reasonable time.

    System is VM SLES 11 with 16GB ram 300GB disk, 270 users and 400 devices, running GroupWise Mobile 2014

    >>> Andy Konecny<konecnya@no-mx.forums.microfocus.com> 9/30/2016 7:03 PM >>>

    In article <57ED247F.A42F.000C.1@grcc.edu>, Erich D. Flynn wrote:

    > Does anybody use DSapp CUSO every couple of years?

    For those whom that acronym throws you

    CUSO = Clean-Up Start Over

    Typically best used for when something is just too messed up to be

    fixed otherwise, but I can see some people using it regularly like some

    re-image their Windows boxes regularly. So I'm curious like Erich if

    anyone has started using the young feature in as a regular part of


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