Backing up GroupWise 2012 Syncsort Backup Express

We recently upgraded to GW 2012 on OES11 sp1.
We use Syncsort Backup Express 3.41

Syncsort claim that they don't support Backing up GW2012 on OES11.

In the BackupExpress management console I cannot "see" the Domain, Post
Office or Library objects.

I can of course "see" the GroupWise file system.
BackupExpress relied on tsafsgw.I was advised in an earlier post here that
tsafsgw is not supplied with GW 2012 and that loading tsafs --EnableGW would

So I am confused and in need of some reassurance :-)

On one hand I have Syncsort telling me that they don't support GW2012 on
OES11 but what I have been picking up in the forum is that the file system
backup is all that is needed even if GroupWise is running at the time of

Can someone please confirm what the real deal is?


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