GW 2012 Test System Setup Problems


I am totally new to groupwise.
I am trying to install a GW 2012 test system.

I tried this several times on Windows 2008 R2 and Linux on VMWare ESXi, without any success.
I searched the internet and this forum for any info but I am stuck.

I can install eDirectory, Novell Client and ConsoleOne

I tried many different settings in eDirectory setup (i.e.):

Tree Name: TESTING

Server: WIN-GW2012-NDS\novell\.com

Admin Name: admin

Admin Context: novell.\com
Password: novell

After installation of the Novell client I cannot login to the client or ConsoleOne.
I tried different values, but I get: Server not found, Tree not found or wrong context.

Is there any step-by-step instruction for setting up a test system?

What are the right values?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
  • I would suggest not naming any of the components of object names with periods, that is inherently bad. The escaped period in novell\.com is most likely the unexpected part. This isn't active directory, so there is none of the glorified DNS style naming, unless you want to torture yourself.

    When you create your tree, make two organizations ( o=... ) at the top level. This is not best practice naming, but it will work and be simple.

    -- O=Netadmin <-- Stuff your eDirectory server here when you install the new tree.
    -- O=GroupWise <-- Stuff your GroupWise objects here, when asked during the GW portion of the installation.

    Place your server in the O=Netadmin container, give it a simple name, like "GW" Now you have eliminated all the silly punctuation problems you might encounter.

    -- Bob
  • Thank you for your quick answers. I will try your suggestions.
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