Migrate to groupwise

I’m looking for a strategy for migrate from traditional mail boxes (Mdaemon) to groupwise.
Searching on internet, show results for migration from groupwise to something else.
So I think “groupwise is the worst mail system, all want to change it”.

There are any suggestion on how to migrate to groupwise?

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  • dzanre wrote:

    > Hey, we actually sell Exchange to GroupWise migration software, and we
    > actually have customers - heehee - so it's not totally a one-way
    > street. That product actually can convert PSTs to GW in batch
    > (http://bit.ly/16IhMu9)
    > If you are looking at PST, AdvansysCorp (www.advansyscorp.com) has a
    > "personal PST migrator" that is free! But it requires that you do the
    > PSTs one at a time (although (I've managed to do it all from one
    > workstation).
    > So there are a couple of options for you, depending on how much you
    > want to spend (money or time).

    For yet another option there's Transend Migrator.


    I had a customer use that to migrate from Zimbra to GW which would be
    somewhat similar (to my understanding) as migrating from EX to GW.
    Either way, the Transend folks can do it. Anyone interested in this,
    e-mail me at jmarton at novell dot com and I'll gladly pass along my
    contact at Transend.

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