Using a alternative port for a GMS client

I know this question is not directly GMS, but I have been searching Google and Apple without finding the answer.
I want to have GroupWise web access on default port 443 - and I would like to use GMS to get mail and calendar on iOS clients.

So I will make a NAT rule in the firewall translating an alternative port to my GMS server on port 443.
Can this alternative port be configured in an iOS mail account (Exchange type)?
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  • On 28/07/2014 16:16, clausbc wrote:

    > Yes - I know.
    > That is why I will only use the alternative port from client to firewall
    > and then redirect in the firewall to standard 443.
    > So my question is on the client side.

    My answer still applies - ActiveSync from the client wants to talk to
    port 80/443.

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