Using a alternative port for a GMS client

I know this question is not directly GMS, but I have been searching Google and Apple without finding the answer.
I want to have GroupWise web access on default port 443 - and I would like to use GMS to get mail and calendar on iOS clients.

So I will make a NAT rule in the firewall translating an alternative port to my GMS server on port 443.
Can this alternative port be configured in an iOS mail account (Exchange type)?
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  • clausbc wrote:

    > > Just to be sure we are all on the same wavelength.
    > > Is your GMS running on its own instance of SLES, separate from
    > > WebAccess,
    > > but you have only the one public IPv4 address to work with?

    > Yes, that is the exact situation.

    As others have pointed out, depending on the device you may or may not
    be able to specify an alternate point. I know your question is
    regarding iOS, but even then, there's always the possibility that an
    iOS update could break this even if today iOS allows specifying an
    alternate port.

    If anything I would keep GMS on standard 443 because of device
    limitations and then use an alternate port for WebAccess. You can
    always specify the port in a URL in a browser. That would be much

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