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Upgrading from SLESsp2/OES11sp1 to SLESsp3/OES11sp2.

Only been in this environment for a little more than a year, experiencing very stable systems when left alone.


We have been upgrading our core systems from SLESsp2/OES11sp1 to SLESsp3/OES11sp2 over the last couple of weeks using wagon.

We had some issues with our GMS server, OES welcome homepage started up by default and captured the ports used by GMS. Easily solved by Novell/SUSE support
And then we upgraded our data server. Afterwords the LDAP server was a bit limp, halting LADP dependent services such as DHCP and GMS. But also elegantly solved by Novell/SUSE support.

Now our post server is next, and of course we want the upgrade to go as smoothly as possible as the mail and calendar functions are crucial to our business.
The server runs the groupwise 2012 postoffice and groupwise webaccess and is a nds replica aswell

Are the any special considerations when upgrading this system via wagon? (shutting down groupwise services, ndsconfig, OESwebserver welcome screen etc?)

brgds Leon