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I have users that have mailbox limits, i.e. 1gb. 

I know one of those pesky Joe's has a folder called "Top Secret" and it has many folders and sub-folders, with some messages in some and others with none.  I want to be able to show the Joe's what top level and nested folders have "too much stuff" in them so they can delete the stuff or archive it.

Is there a way with GroupWise or a script on the server to get a report of each folder and how "big" it is?


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    As far as I know - no!

    I can imagine that you will get such information with SOAP. But you need to create an app.

    On the other side I think good, old Formativ can solve this too. I doubt that there is a final solution - so you have to write new code too.

    Oh, wait there is Mailbox Management. But this tool only delivers items per folder but no size information (if I am right).

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    One 'trick' I use all the time is a Search folder for all messages over a given size,  since most people end up with some very large attachments somewhere in there that  can often easily be cleared out.

    Happens so often, I wrote up about it ages ago at

    You can also find out who has what,  with a set of tools I wrote about at   Then you could ask specific users why they have that 50MB plus message by message name from Step3 


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