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due to some local circumstances we need to send via an SMTP relay and the connection must be secure.

I have the procedure how to send via SMTP relay but how can I make sure the connection is secured? 

So far i could not get it to work and would appreciate any help for that.

Thanks a lot.


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    If the GWIA is setup with a certificate and has the SMTP SSL at least set to "enabled" it will do SSL connection however it also depends on the receiving mail daemon, if this does not require or is not setup to use SSLthe connection will not be secure so both sides need to setup and support this.

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    Hi, thanks for your help.

    The GWIA actually was setup with SSL enabled and the certificates. However the MTA was not.

    I have done that now and it is working.

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    FWIW, there is no connection whatsoever between the two in that regard. Whatever is the reason that it's working for you now, it's not the fact that you enabled SSL on the MTA.
    This is more for lurkers that see this later and wonder why that solution doesn't work for them.