GroupWise WebAccess and mobile devices

This post is just an information which is not really new but will help in your environment to increase WebAccess acceptance.  

I see the videos around the new web client for GroupWise and its really poor interface for mobile devices. But the poor interface is not the whole truth. You can deliver a much smarter and nicer interface for your mobile devices.

You have to edit your webacc.cfg file (/var/opt/novell/groupwise/webaccess) and search for "". This part of the configuration file defines which mobile device will get which interface type.

I.e. this device "GT-P" will get a smart interface.*Linux*Android*GT-P*

However my noname Android will fall back to simple.*Android*

Even iPhones are just simple ...*iPhone*

However Androids and iPhones have more capabilities then ever before. So I changed my *Android* setting to mobile and my *iPhone* too. Maybe you will find some more "old" templates which you want to change. Fortunately this idea will work not only for Groupwise 18, but for GroupWise 2014R2 (and a little bit older) too. After saving my settings I restart my groupwise-tomcat ...

If someone asks for more then this - a user wants to have the really rich client on his device, tell him to use this link: https://yourserver/gw/webacc?User.interface=css

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