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gw admin should show the full sw version of the installed groupwise

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currently only postoffices have the possibility to show the sw version of the installed groupwise, but the field only shows a 0

dom and postoffices have the version in brackets but only 18.4. you can't even see if you have 18.4.1 or not.

I would like the filed sw version to be made functional and also available for domains. It should display the full build number like: 18.4.1-141232

a bonus would be, if it could also highlight the filed sw version everywhere where it is not the same as the pridom.

this would allow to easily find if you missed updating one server or another. This would be especially helpful in big environments


  • As mentioned above, you are right Thorsten.

    I compare it a little bit with Secure Message Gateway. There we asked developers to show the current build version to make  admin's life easier. Finally we got it Sunglasses

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  • Hi Diethmar,

    thanks for your answer.

    GW mon also only shows part of the version (up to 18.4.1) but not the build number. 

    HTTP interfaces of agents show this information in Environment, but it would be nice to see this information all at once and not have to check all agents one by one.

    sadly I cannot find the option to verify your answer. I seem to be missing permission for that. I only found a way to flag your answer as spam.

    regards Thorsten

  • Well I understand your idea and wish.

    However HTTP interfaces of your agents will deliver this information too (Environment). And of course GroupWise monitor - a tool which will be neglected to many times.

    Nevertheless this information will be more comfortable within GW administration Innocent

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