Idea ID: 2878130

Capability to modify the HTML default font size

Status: Needs Clarification

You should be able to increase the size of the font in an HTML by clicking inside the message and pressing ctrl "+" or hold CTRL and scroll the mouse wheel.  Likewise, CTRL "-" will decrease the font size.  This works for both HTML and Plain Text messages.

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This is an accessibility issue. 

Most of the world sends emails in HTML these days, even if it is a text heavy email. 

I need to be able to enlarge the font on incoming HTML emails. Even the generic, small, medium, large and extra large would be helpful. Right now I am relegated to using Plain Text and forcing the formatting so I can read messages. The result is not easy to read. 



  • While I'm asking for things, It would be nice if the larger fonts applied to ALL aspects of the client. For example, I've got the fonts in the inbox enlarged, but when I bring up search, it's still ridiculously small. 

  • If I'm able to set the default font to large or extra large, I wouldn't have to adjust the font for EVERY message that comes in. 

    I'm sure you are familiar with the word microaggressions. It the accessibility space, it's microtasks, additional little tasks that "only take a second" but must be completed in order for something to be accessible. Those extra steps add up over time. Something that my co-workers can do instantly takes me longer to accomplish.