Antivirus filter not working?

In this thread AV license expired errors  notified us that "The BitDefender license inside SMG expired on December 31st".

The Secure Messaging Gateway UPDATE HISTORY shows:


Before updating SMG application RPM to version 1.0.1-496.1 then to version 1.0.1-498.1 immediately thereafter, my smg-scanner-10 log was filled with entries stating "(avas)<0> Failed to connect to AV/AS service". Now, they are gone. 

To me, this implied the issue had been resolved, but maybe not.

This is one of my monitoring gadgets:

It is telling me no viruses are being detected; 

My smg-scanner-10 log shows this sequence for all antivirus scans on incoming messages.:

  • (iscn)<47> Running test: Anti-Virus (Primary Scanner)
  • (avir)<47> Processing ANTIVIRUS filter: Anti-Virus (Primary Scanner)
  • (avir)<47> Requesting AV scan from service provider
  • (avir)<47> AV service provider response received
  • (iscn)<47> Test finished: Anti-Virus (Primary Scanner)

I see nothing to indicate whether or not the scan found a virus (or other malware).

I'm more than a bit concerned that no viruses have been detected since the hotfix was applied.

Is anyone else experiencing similar behaviour?

Kevin Boyle, 
Knowledge Partner

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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  • I was wrong! See no evil

    I checked all my logs, but no hint for any failures.

    Therefore I checked the original mail which does not show which server has created this kind of message. So I checked the source message and found out that one of my customer servers is responsible for this notification ...

    So in my case, I do not have a license issue.
    (However I will create an idea to send out smarter notifications)

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