Antivirus filter not working?

In this thread AV license expired errors  notified us that "The BitDefender license inside SMG expired on December 31st".

The Secure Messaging Gateway UPDATE HISTORY shows:


Before updating SMG application RPM to version 1.0.1-496.1 then to version 1.0.1-498.1 immediately thereafter, my smg-scanner-10 log was filled with entries stating "(avas)<0> Failed to connect to AV/AS service". Now, they are gone. 

To me, this implied the issue had been resolved, but maybe not.

This is one of my monitoring gadgets:

It is telling me no viruses are being detected; 

My smg-scanner-10 log shows this sequence for all antivirus scans on incoming messages.:

  • (iscn)<47> Running test: Anti-Virus (Primary Scanner)
  • (avir)<47> Processing ANTIVIRUS filter: Anti-Virus (Primary Scanner)
  • (avir)<47> Requesting AV scan from service provider
  • (avir)<47> AV service provider response received
  • (iscn)<47> Test finished: Anti-Virus (Primary Scanner)

I see nothing to indicate whether or not the scan found a virus (or other malware).

I'm more than a bit concerned that no viruses have been detected since the hotfix was applied.

Is anyone else experiencing similar behaviour?

Kevin Boyle, 
Knowledge Partner

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Hello,

     I found this problem on my side: because only one "bdamserver" process was active, the Antispam part.

    Inside the scanner log file there was this lines - "Failed to connect to AV/AS service":

    [140174495307520] 2024-01-03 00:00:04 (iscn)<1353> Running test: Inbound Anti-Virus
    [140174495307520] 2024-01-03 00:00:04 (avir)<1353> Processing ANTIVIRUS filter: Inbound Anti-Virus
    [140174495307520] 2024-01-03 00:00:04 (avas)<1353> Failed to connect to AV/AS service
    [140174495307520] 2024-01-03 00:00:04 (avas)<1353> Failed to connect to AV/AS service
    [140174495307520] 2024-01-03 00:00:04 (iscn)<1353> Test finished: Inbound Anti-Virus

    One some customer systems the Bitdefender AV was active until a service restart was necessary. So some installations runs ok (without pattern update) without a license key.

    My clamav scanner was active all the time and give me a base protection.

    Kind regards,


  •  I found this problem on my side:

    Is your registration valid?

    And license?

    Have you resolved your issue?

    Kevin Boyle, 
    Knowledge Partner

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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  • Hi,

     my problem was solved with release 498. My SMG license was valid, but an "internal" license from Bitdefender was outdated on 31.12.2023. The fix 498 updated this license string inside an configuration file of the Bitdefender service. So after the installation and a restart, all services works as expected.

    The pity situation was from 1.1.2024 -> 9.1.2024 : no valid main virus scanner for the inbound/outbound mails.

    Kind regards,