Is DKIM working now?

There are several threads here about issues with DKIM signing not working.  Most of these appear to be started about a year ago (or earlier).  There appear to have been some well-documented "challenges" in getting SMG to apply the DKIM signature, but none of the threads I can find seem to positively indicate the issue was fully resolved (and in what release)...

So, before I begin the trip down the DKIM rabbit-hole, can anyone confirm its working as expected?  I don't want to ask SMG to start signing email if its only going to cause more headaches...  (We just switched ISP and now have inherited a new block of IP's - none of which appear to be blacklisted but getting new pushback (bounces) from some previously happy customers anyway...)

I'm guessing that SMG will provide me the public key once I enable this feature (and maintain the corresponding private key internally)?

Can anyone confirm its working as expected in the current release?  (Thanks!)